golfgoogle is being under construction and remain in testing phase. Founded in mid of 2017, golfgoogle’s content includes Golf news, current Golf tour updates and features written based on the current and past Golf events around the world. Currently, golfgoogle information is mostly depend on the affiliated websites, which includes,,,,,,,, etc. However, golfgoogle hopes to remain its own, once golfgoogle establish very well.

Based on minor research, golfgoogle editor has found number of deficiencies related to Golf news updates in the currently available websites around the world. In the near future GolfGoogle wishes to add statistics, international and first class player profiles, learning tools, videos, history of golf, women in Golf etc.

The editor is Sethsiri Jayawardena, who is US Army & Operation Iraqi Freedom (OIF)veteran. If you have comments or ideas to improve, please e-mail via

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